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  Indonesian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  Updated on 27 April 2012

Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia di Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (KBRI Tanzania)

299 Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
Dar Es Salaam

Phone : (255-22) 211-9119 / 8133 / 5841
Fax : (25-22) 211-5849

Email :


General Information

• To gain entry into Indonesia, foreign nationals need to have in their possession passports when arrived in Indonesia with at least six months of validity and appropriate visas, and have proof (tickets) of onward or return passage.

• Visa application can be carried out at the Indonesian Embassies or Consulates.

• The application is made by filling out appropriate application forms - available from the Embassies or Consulates - and by enclosing 3 colour passport-size photographs and a valid passport, along with supporting documents depending on the types of visa to be applied.

• A fee is payable in US Dollar or local currencies.

• Certain applications, such as those to work, study or live in Indonesia and other applications that need a special permit from the Immigration Office in Indonesia, need to be referred to Jakarta for approval. This process can take up to 2 (two) months before a decision is made and the visa granted.

• Visa that has been issued is valid for 90 days. If an applicant fails to enter Indonesia within the 90 days period after the visa is issued, the visa will be declared invalid.

• Guarantee of the availability of fund to cover living expenses while in Indonesia proved by having at least US$2000,- in form of Traveler Cheque / Bank Statement / cash.

• Please note that possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into Indonesia. Permission to enter Indonesia is the authorization of the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

• The Embassy reserved the right to accept or reject any visa application without assigning any reasons or to ask for the further information.

• The Indonesian government has officially announced the new Immigration regulation on Visa on Arrival to be effective on 28 May 2007. According to the new regulation, there are 63 nationalities be granted the facility of Visa on Arrival. The list of the 63 nationalities, which can enjoy the facility of Visa on Arrival.

Visa on Arrival is valid up to 30 days and may be extended under the permission of Indonesian Immigration Office, with the conditions as follows; natural disaster occurs in the place visited by the tourist; the traveler is taken ill or meets with an accident during their VISIT. This types of visa is not extendable without any reason and not convertible into other types of visa.




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